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About this site

In this website, you can create "paper calendar" by your home printer with your favorite pictures.
I hoped that I could make paper calendar with my favorite pictures, so I opened this website.

You can use the pictures taken with smartphone or tablet, as well as with digital camera.
Or you can use online pictures of beautiful sceneries, movie stars, animation or cartoon characters.

You don't have to download or install software. You can create the calendar in your browser alone.

You can create calendar for 12 months at once, or for any month as needed.
You can use pictures you've just taken.

Various sizes from postcard to A3 plus are available.
You can make various calendars, such as desk calendar and wall calendar.
You can create calendars for your home use, for companies, for stores, or a gift.
Try out creating new calendar.

You can create a beautiful calendar easily.
Prepare your favorite pictures, and click [Create calendar] button.

You can try making a calendar many times without limit.
* During a free trial period, you can make last month's calendar only

Please register as a user if you like our website.
Then you can create the calendar of any month repeatedly for one year.

You can make calendars without pictures if you want to use your children's drawings or you want to write in the calendar.

How to make a calendar

Choose items in 1 to 7 and click [Create calendar], then a calendar is displayed in PDF format.
Print out the displayed PDF file to get a calendar.

You can change colors of characters in [8.Option].

Click [?] to display how to use.


Q. I can't make the calendar of the month I specified. Why?
A. You need to register as a user before making a calendar with picture or blank area for drawing of the month you specified. If you haven't registered yet, you can make the calendar of the previous month only.

Q. Dates are not displayed in the calendar. Why?
A. The font you specified may not be in your PC. Please use other font.

Q. The character size of date changes according to picture size. Can I fix the character size for a year?
A. A. To fix the character size for a year, you need to uniform the aspect ratio of all the pictures for the calendar. Note that the calendar's character size changes according to the aspect ratio of the picture.

User registration (click to open/close)

Let's make a calendar!

Click [?] to display how to use.

1.Enter user information

You can leave the field blank if you haven't registered yet.
You can try making a calendar many times without limit.
Please register as a user if you like our website. (all-you-can-use-for 1,000 yen/year)
* During a free trial period, you can make last month's calendar only.

2.Choose calendar type [?]

  • Click on the desired calendar type to choose.
  • The picture is placed in the gray area.
  • Choose the calendar type according to the picture you want to use.
  • You can cut the vertically long picture into laterally-long rectangle or vice versa.
Half-page picture
vertically long
Half-page picture
laterally long
Full-page picture
vertically long
Full-page picture
laterally long
Blank field
vertically long
Blank field
laterally long
Choose calendar's position
You can put children's drawings on it.
Full-page calendar
vertically long
Full-page calendar
laterally long

3.Choose font [?]

  • Click on the desired font to choose.

4.Choose paper size

  ->>>   short side   x   long side (mm)

5.Choose year and month [?]

  • * You can create calendar of the past or future month, but holidays are set to current setting.
Year Month
  • * During a free trial period, you can make last month's calendar only.

6.Choose holiday

Displayed in English.

7.Choose the picture for calendar and set the printing range [?]

  • Drag and drop the picture into the pale blue area.
  • Alternatively, click the pale blue area to choose the picture.
  • Available file is within 10MB in jpg or gif format.
  • The uploaded picture is displayed in the frame.
  • You can choose the printing range with selection frame on the picture.
  • If the selection frame is not displayed, drag the mouse over the picture.
  • The area in the selection frame is highlighted as the printing range.
  • You can enlarge, reduce or move the selection frame with mouse.
  • If you want to use the entire picture, click outside the selection frame, then the entire picture is selected.
  • The aspect ratio of the selection frame changes automatically according to calendar layout and paper size.
  • You can freely set the aspect ratio by clicking [free] button before selecting the range.
    To restore the aspect ratio, click the calendar layout in (1).
  • When you freely set the aspect ratio, the printing range changes according to the calendar layout you chose.
    1. When you choose full-page picture type
      The printing range is set to the maximum within the selection frame automatically.
    2. When you choose other type
      The printing range is reduced to fit in the calendar, so the calendar may have a bigger margin.
  • To change the picture, click [Reset] button.
Drag & drop the picture here or click here to choose the picture.

8.Option ( setting )

Choose desired option for each item.

Day of week :
First day of the week :
Previous / next month : Previous and next months can be displayed when the size is A4 or more.
National holiday :
Date display size :
Frame border : "No frame border" is chosen for full-page picture type.
Line thickness :
Margin :

Change color of characters, background, or frame border. [ ? ]

  1. You can change color by clicking the button.
  2. Alternatively, you can enter color number (like #ff0000 and #99cc33) directly.
  3. The setting items are reflected in the calendar image on the right.
Day of week Character
Current month
/Next month
Year & month Vertical lines
Horizontal lines
Finished image of calendar

Write in your special days []

  • You can set your special days like birthday and wedding day up to six.
  • You can set the certain day of week such as regular holiday. (Check the rightmost field.)
  • If the character projects out from the area, adjust number of characters.
  • The special days are not displayed when calendar size is small or "Date display size" is set to "Large".
  • Day's name, character color, and background color in this setting override the settings for Saturdays and holidays shown above.
  • Enter 4 digits in input field to set date, like "0102" for January 2.
  • Set the color as in [Change color of characters, background, or frame border].
  1 2 3 4 5 6 Weekly
Date (Ex:1201)
Name (of anniversary or such)
Character color (of number or holiday)
Background color (of calendar)